When Doug Van Beek hired his first employees the challenge was to send personnel to the job sites representing Van Beek Drywall, Inc. that upheld the quality standards and professionalism our customers were expecting and Doug could be proud of. To overcome these challenges it required creating a company with flexibility to excel in all areas of the construction industry so we can evolve with the changing markets, this has allowed us to keep our key personnel busy year round through all fluctuations in the market. We can do residential when the residential market is booming, commercial, apartments, hospitality, public works or industrial depending on the needs of the local construction markets. We have many employees who have worked for VBD for a long time and never needed to file for unemployment. This is unusual in the construction industry and Doug works very hard and takes a lot of pride in this.

In order to assemble and retain the best craftsmen in the industry early on Doug created a wage and benefit package that was above the local market standards. We furnish medical benefits and a 401K retirement plan with matching funds. In return we have high expectations from our personnel. We are always looking for the worker with a positive attitude, dependable that is willing to work as a team member with his fellow worker. We are willing to teach the trade skills and allow for and encourage advancement as the skill level increases. If you wish to be a part of our team please fill out an application and set up a time for an interview.

Van Beek Drywall, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that encourages all workers from all back grounds and skill levels. If you have a teachable attitude and good dependable work ethics we can use you and welcome your application.

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